‘Open Entry Parameter’ Registration For All Begins March 30th

Because some states could not stage all of their qualifying events for the 2023 Games, NSGA is offering an “open entry parameter” for the final month of registration; after qualified athletes have had ample time to register. It also opens a rare window for any senior athlete curious about Senior Games to participate.

Under this adjustment, anyone age 50+ as of December 31, 2022, is eligible to enter any of the 20 sports being offered provided that the event has not reached registration capacity. The Open Entry Parameter begins March 30th and ends with the close of all registration on May 2nd. Complete information and online registration are available at NSGA.com/Registration.

“Required qualification is a unique and important aspect of our Games, but as with all other events, our entire network of 52 state and affiliate member games was deeply impacted by the pandemic,” said NSGA Interim CEO, Sue Hlavacek. “Offering this opening ensures that none of our past athletes will be left out, and it’s also an opportunity for new athletes to compete who may not have heard about us, particularly people who live in close proximity of The Games.”