Oregon Senior Games Sports

The following sports/events will be offered at the 2021 Oregon Senior Games. If you would like to see other sports added to this list for future years, please contact us.

Scheduled Games

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Oregon Senior Games - Archery - via Canva - A target with several arrows in the bullseye
Aug. 14-15, 2021
Oregon Senior Games: Disc Golf - via Canva - Disc golf basket with disc in a park
Disc Golf
Aug. 20, 2021
Race Walk - via Canva - Runners on a red track
Race Walk
Aug. 14, 2021
Aug. 13-14, 2021
Oregon Senior Games - Track & Field - Closeup on a numbered, red running track
Track & Field
Aug. 13-14, 2021

Aug. 12-15, 2021
Aug. 12-13, 2021
Oregon Senior Games - Road Race 5K- via Shutterstock
Road Race 5K
Registration Reopening Soon
Aug. 22, 2021
Oregon Senior Games - Volleyball - via Canva - Several hands reaching over a net for a blue and yellow volleyball
Event Canceled for 2021
Cycling Time Trial
Event Canceled for 2021
Oregon Senior Games: Pickleball - via Canva - Pickleball paddles, balls, and net, on a court
Aug. 12-15, 2021
Oregon Senior Games - Shuffleboard - via Canva - A blue shuffleboard with discs and cues
Aug. 14-15, 2021
Aug. 19-22, 2021