Read up on Lew Hollander, Senior Ironman

“Use It Or Lose It – Pathways to Healthy Living,” the true-life adventures of internationally known Senior Ironman Lew Hollander, by Dana Burnett.

Lew Hollander of Terrebonne, Oregon, is a record-setting Senior Ironman known around the world in elite competitions as an athlete who will do his best under any conditions.

His basic working philosophy is “Use It Or Lose It.” A simple idea, and yet critically important for overall health and longevity. Daily exercise is great and not only contributes to our physical and emotional well-being but to our intellectual capabilities as well.

Use It Or Lose It, by Dana Burnett, Back Cover

Lew is a scientist and physicist as well as a renowned competitor. He started asking questions about aging as a youngster when he looked around and saw middle-aged and younger people who were not healthy. Optimum health with a goal towards happy longevity became a life-long goal and search.

You could say he has a ‘no bubble wrap’ philosophy. He’s been relentless in his pursuit of life and health, and has earned many accolades along the way. He gained early fame for his accomplishments in the world of endurance riding and Ride and Tie. Lew is in the American Endurance Riding Hall of Fame for his success and contributions to that sport.

At the age of 54 he entered and completed the Western States 100 mile foot race in the High Sierras. His completion of this race was a rebirthing of a kind to him that launched him into the world of international triathlon competition for over twenty years.

The book “Use It Or Lose It” evolved over a period of five years and began when Redmond author and journalist Dana Burnett suggested to Lew that someone ought to be writing a book about him.

The book is a compilation of Lew’s adventures, achievements and philosophies. It is hoped that Lew’s basic philosophies about health will inspire those who are interested. His biggest secret is that there is no secret, just a basic daily commitment to healthy exercise and diet.

On his ninetieth birthday in 2020 Lew was slated for competition overseas but instead ran a virtual sprint marathon around his neighborhood which included a one half mile swim, a twelve and a half mile bike ride and a 5K run showing that his indomitable spirit had not been conquered by age or the pandemic.

Lew has competed in 3 sprint triathlons around the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2021.

“Use It Or Lose It” is available on Amazon for $19.95 plus shipping. Signed or unsigned copies can be ordered directly from Dana. Her email is The total cost including shipping is $25.00 and checks or cash are preferred.

Article by Dana Burnett. Photos provided by Dana Burnett.